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Prefabricated Modular Bridging Solutions

PNG Forest Products

PNG Forest Products has been an industry leader in Engineered Wood Products since 1954. Their extensive range of products for the domestic and export markets includes treated pine timber and plywood; kit homes and pre-fabricated buildings; project construction and infrastructure development; ; modular bridging and decking systems. All timber is sourced from renewable Papua New Guinea pine plantations and pressure treated to protect it from wood eating insects and fungal decay. The processing plants in Bulolo are powered by PNGFP’s own sustainable Hydro Power stations. The combination of renewable timber resources, processed with sustainable hydro power makes PNGFP’S Engineered Wood Products truly and uniquely 100% green.

Innovative Bridging Solutions

PNGFP NiuBridge

PNGFP NiuBridge is a pre-fabricated, light weight, modular bridge system that offers fast, cost effective and reliable solutions for long term and temporary bridging installations. Easy to transport, the prefabricated modules come in spans up to 24 metres that are quick and easy to install.

The NiuBridge System includes deck, girders, kerbing and accessories, and comes with a pre-applied bitumen deck-wearing surface. Little maintenance is required thanks to PNGFP’s unique veneer preservation treatment, ensuring complete protection from termites and rotting. Manufactured from plantation timber to both AS/NZS 2269 and AS/NZS 1604 standards, NiuBridge exploits the advantages of natural timber which is not subject to fatigue failure like that of other materials like steel and concrete. Available in single lane, dual lane, or custom design, NiuBridge is suitable for a range of load conditions including Austroads T44 and AS 500 Bridge Design.

NiuBridge is system-tested and certified by University of Technology Sydney, including full scale destructive testing. With a design life of 50+ years and installed cost base typically under half that of equivalent concrete or steel, NiuBridge is the ideal, most cost effective solution for bridging installations available in this region.


PNGFP NiuDeck is a purpose designed and engineered heavy plywood decking system, providing cost effective solutions for bridge rehabilitation. Ideally suited for refurbishing timber or steel supporting structures, NiuDeck facilitates bridge widening, including pedestrian walkway, by the use of cantilevers. Light in weight, it’s quick and easy to install, after which a deck wearing surface is applied to enhance durability and longevity.

NiuDeck is widely used by local and state governments in Australia and in 2018 was selected for a major project in New Zealand. The Rakaia Gorge Bridge is one of the oldest wrought iron bridges in New Zealand, constructed around 1882. Due to the poor condition and constant maintenance of the original timber plank design, engineering firm Opus was engaged to design the rehabilitation of the running deck of the bridge. After exhaustive research NiuDeck was chosen due to its proven track record as a structurally designed, Engineered Wood Product. For more information on these and other innovative PNGFP products go to their website at www.pngfp.com.

Opus reported that the advantages of NiuDeck above a like-for-like replacement included: The NiuDeck panels are lighter and stronger than hardwood, with the weight savings leading to increased live load capabilities; NiuDeck provided flexibility, enabling rapid night installation so the bridge could remain open during the day.

This project was nominated for an INNOVATE NZ Award of Excellence, New Zealand’s top engineering awards, which are only nominated for work that “raises the bar of performance”.


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