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The Green Acres system: An economical solution to multiple problems

The first half of 2019 proved to be busy, yet a fulfilling period for Green Acres Hydroseeding Inc. the young and emerging company has been targeting multiple sectors within the fast-developing market of hydroseeding.

With another “Roadside Vegetation Establishment / Slope Stabilisation” project working with Ground Specialists Inc. again proving successful, now totalling to three successful projects for this partnership. The Green Acres system is really starting to prove itself in this sector, with multiple success stories leaving no doubt this is an economical and effective solution.

Green Acres have also been working hard with the environmental team at NAC (Nickel Asia Corporation) and are excited to be putting together a Demo project at their site on the north-eastern side of Dinagat Island. Having worked within the mining sector only once before, Green Acres is keen to show off their products capabilities with NAC’s fantastic environmental team. They plan is to utilise their ‘HydroStraw All In One (BFM)’ and ‘GAH Vegetator Seed Mix’ alongside with one of their new products ‘SiltSoxx’, a three-dimensional tubular device made of filter media encased in Filtrexx mesh. The devices are designed to support storm-water management, sediment & erosion control, and pollutant removal Best Management Practices (BMPs). One of the goals given to the company by NAC was the desire to reduce the requirement for berms and allow for longer gentler sloping, without risk of wash out for the hydroseeding. This is something Green Acres is confident they can achieve with the use of SiltSoxx. Which when used as a ‘Slope Interruption Device (SID) – it will create the same effect as the use of berms, without the costly use of heavy earth moving equipment.

Green Acres is also venturing into the construction and landscaping sectors, developing a good working relationship with MDC (Makati Development Corporation) over the course of consulting on several projects. Utilising Green Acres flexibility and access to the U.S. seed market and the expertise of Summit Seed. With imminent plans to move forward with a recreational park project and with multiple other projects on the horizon, it’s clear to see Green Acres and MDC are going to have a long-lasting successful partnership.

Green Acres is shortly going to be an accredited supplier of multiple noteworthy companies. MDC, JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), Republic Cement have all decided to sign up Green Acres to be their official supplier for hydroseeding materials and services. The company looks forward to seeing what opportunities will arise to prove their products and services from these new partnerships.

Having worked on several DPWH projects previously, Green Acres felt privileged to be invited by the government agency to contribute their expertise in the updating of the agencies ‘Item 520 – Hydroseeding’ Specifications. The company felt excited to see the government agency embracing the modern hydroseeding technologies and practices. They also found this a great opportunity to discuss the benefits and potential growth of the hydroseeding industry throughout the Philippines and how Green Acres intends to make this happen. With their ‘Self-Installation’ system, that supports companies in purchasing the right equipment and trains them how to hydroseed themselves. This will provide opportunities around the country and create a supply for the DPWH’s increasing levels of hydroseeding projects.


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