Weir Minerals Launches New Modular Anti-Abrasion Panels

By: Philippine Resources February 09, 2021

Fully customisable, high-performance anti-abrasion solutions

Working closely with customers in the mining and minerals processing sectors, Weir Minerals’ expert engineers have developed high-performance wear panels for use in all medium- to high-wear applications. The new modular anti-abrasion panels are ideally suited for localised impact and wear points, and assist in the suppression of noise and vibration.

The modular anti-abrasion panels are manufactured from Linathane® polyurethane or Linard® HD60 rubber, materials engineered for superior abrasion, cut and impact resistance. The Linard® HD60 panels feature compression moulded natural rubber, with embedded high chromium white iron or ceramic wear resistant blocks for long wear life. The all-polyurethane Linathane® panels feature an orange base with a blue wear indicator layer to assist with maintenance scheduling.

These modular panels are easy to fit and replace, and use a self-sealing design to reduce both installation time and costs. Each panel measures 300mm x 300mm and is available in 30mm and 50mm thicknesses to ensure the best fit for specific operating conditions. The interlocking plug design ensures easy alignment, and the secure fastening mechanism reduces the chance of fine material ingress between panels to promote even wear patterns.

Each modular anti-abrasion panel solution can be customised to suit specific lining requirements, including availability of a range of arc studs attached to plugs and left and right corner panels.

Product design features

Modular panels use a premium quality rubber compound providing superior performance in areas of abrasion, impact and wear

Linathane® is a premium quality polyurethane that has an anti-friction compound for use in areas where hang-ups and sticky ore occur

Hard wear surface for use in a variety of applications

Excellent noise and vibration dampening

Minimal downtime and loss of productivity

Quick and easy to fit and replace, utilising a simple panel and plug fixing mechanism

Supplied in convenient ‘kit’ form, complete with a range of arc studs attached to plugs to suit the application

A cost-effective and practical solution for relining

All panels can be used across a variety of applications to create a truly customised wear solution

Product range

High Wear Areas - Linard® HD60 rubber panels with embedded high chromium white iron or ceramic wear resistant blocks.

Medium Wear Areas - Polyurethane Linathane® panels.

Low Wear Areas - Linard® HD60 rubber panels.

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