Vulco® R67 mill lining rubber compound: the liner that lasts longer

By: Philippine Resources May 17, 2022

Photo credit: Weir Minerals

As a leader in materials development and advancement, the team of material scientists at Weir Minerals are always pushing for ways to improve the capabilities of our technology for our customers.

The advanced laboratories at Weir Minerals develop a variety of materials, from natural to synthetic, to polyurethanes and composite materials. One of these materials is the Vulco® mill liner rubber.

Vulco® rubber is renowned throughout the mining industry for its exceptional wear life and reliability in mill lining systems. These abrasion- and impact-resistant rubber compounds are continuously improved and refined by Weir Minerals’ team of engineers and material scientists to keep them at the forefront of mill lining systems technology.

Having identified a need for higher-wearing rubbers for mill lining systems, the material science experts developed an industry-leading, premium-grade rubber compound with superior wear life and performance in mill lining applications.

The result: Vulco® R67 rubber – an optimum material which is manufactured with proprietary new compounds and innovative methods of processing to deliver outstanding wear life and longer uptime.

This new elastomer material was developed through extensive laboratory testing which was optimised and refined to further improve the material’s properties for aggressive mill system applications. The outcome of these improvements is a rubber compound which delivers an increased wear life of more than 20%, resulting in significant cost savings for our customers.

The Vulco® R67 rubber compound offers a high hardness, elongation, tensile and tear strength, making it suitable for lifter bars, head/shell plates and grates. When used in conjunction with metal cap mill liners, the result is a versatile, economical, and efficient product that weighs up to 50% less than steel alone. The added benefit is a lighter product that’s faster, easier and safer to install, as well as a measurable reduction in mill downtime and reduced maintenance costs.

“The Vulco R67 compound is a significant improvement to extend the wear life of mill linings.  The longer life results in lowering customer’s production costs and also allows more uptime to potentially increase throughput of the plant due to the higher annual mill availability.” – Tony Millar, Weir Minerals Director of Product Management

Produced locally in Australia, as well as North and South America and South Africa, our customers can feel assured that they have a market-leading product that is backed by decades of experience, expertise, and proven effectiveness.

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