Uniroc – The Choice for Drilling, Blasting, Tunnel Construction, and Underground Mining

By: Philippine Resources January 22, 2024

Hunan Wuxin Tunnel Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.(Uniroc -- overseas brand) founded in 2010, is a listed company in Beijing Stock Exchange (stock code: 835174), focusing on the research and development, manufacturing and sales of complete sets of equipment for drilling and blasting tunnel construction and underground mining.

The company's business covers railroad tunnels, highway tunnels, underground mines, water conservancy and hydropower, pumped storage power stations, underground caverns and other fields.

Our main products include drilling jumbo, shotcrete machine, multi-functional arch installation vehicle, digital rock bolting jumbo, digital maintenance trolley, digital pouring lining trolley and all kinds of traffic, water conservancy and hydropower tunnel lining trolley, etc.

Our company serves more than 3,000 projects at home and abroad, with products exported to nearly 20 countries and regions such as Europe, South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Purpose-Built for Small Section Drilling

In the transition to mechanized and intelligent mining, small and medium-sized mines are usually limited by the size of the "small" section, which cannot be operated with the equipment. Instead, manual drilling has been commonly used in the past decades, resulting in slow excavation efficiency and high risks of safety.

In view of the pain point of this industry, Uniroc has launched the smallest cross section face drill rig -- WD561 in China. It is built for blast hole drilling and anchor bolt hole drilling in underground mining, pumped storage power stations, hydropower stations, covering cross sections from 4m² to 21m².

As a face drill rig specially designed for small sections, WD561 has a compact size with 1.3 m width and 1.6m height and can be used for the minimum working section of 1.9m×1.9m. To guarantee the efficiency of rock drilling, WD561 is equipped with an 18kW rock drill. The single hole drilling speed is up to 2.5 meters per minute, with a single cycle footage of 3.2m-3.4m. The manual excavation footage of a single working area is 100-120m/month only but the use of a face drill rig can reach 220m/month.

The operators could be far away from the working area and their safety is guaranteed. Remote control operation is simple and easy to learn. It takes only two weeks for operators to be trained in our company, and greatly reducing the dependence on their experiences.

Case study

The gold mine from Zijin Mining in Henan Province in China

Basic information: A gold mine excavation tunnel with a section of 2.6m × 2.6m, rock firmness coefficient f is 8-10, pore size φ 45mm.

Usage: It drills 33 holes (including 6 empty holes), with a drilling time of about 1.5 hours. It is possible to complete at least 2 cyclic excavation operations per day, with a single day blasting footage of more than 5 meters.

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