PLASTIKarunungan: NCR Sector

By: Philippine Resources June 26, 2024

by: Czarina Mei Laope

Initiated by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB), PLASTIKarunungan is a nationwide symposium spearheaded by the Philippine Youth Association for Responsible Mining and Natural Resources (YAMAN Philippines). From Luzon to Mindanao, four organizations were enlisted to host seminars on their respective campuses. The NCR PLASTIKarunungan event was orchestrated with support from officers of the Association of Geologists and Geological Engineers of Mapua (AGGEM).

On May 6, 2024, YAMAN Ph and AGGEM successfully concluded the NCR leg of PLASTIKarunungan at Blue Hall, YMCA of Manila, marking the culmination of this nationwide initiative. Two esteemed speakers from the DENR and the mining industry, Ms. Anabelle A. Wahing and Engr. Rosanna F. Nuñez, addressed the audience, respectively. Ms. Wahing elucidated on laws R.A. 9003 and R.A. 11898, focusing on plastic waste management, while Engr. Nuñez provided enlightening insights into best practices for waste management in mining.

The opening remarks were delivered by Mr. Nino Lingad Amado, YAMAN Philippines Vice President for External Affairs, inspiring the audience with the words, “Together, let us explore innovative solutions, share insights, and inspire change towards a plastic-free future,” thus setting the tone of the event.

Afterwards, DENR Undersecretary for Policy, Planning and International Affairs Atty. Jonas R. Leones delivered a heartfelt message addressed to the participants and organizers of PLASTIKarunungan.

The PLASTIKarunungan Head Organizer, Ms. Maria Daniella Yambao concluded the event with the words, “Remember that together, our micro efforts will have macro effects. Be one with us with this cause.”.


YAMAN Philippines has always been collaborating with various organizations and companies since 2015 to cultivate green initiatives and programs for students, ensuring a future led by environmentally conscious youth.

Approximately 100 participants from diverse backgrounds and various educational institutions attended the seminar, with Adamson University notably represented by 51 students. Esteemed representatives from GreenDevelopment Sustainable Solutions, Inc., Teresa Marble Corporation, and Republic Cement - Teresa graced the hall with their presence. Participants praised the engaging icebreaker session, which featured a quick game of Kahoot! and snacks consisting of caramel bars and icecream.

With the creative and innovative leadership of YAMAN Philippines and AGGEM officers, the inaugural PLASTIKarunungan NCR Sector proved to be a resounding success. Building upon the achievements of the four sectors with only a month of planning, YAMAN Philippines is considering the development of its own flagship event for Earth Month in the coming years.

Readers are encouraged to anticipate the forthcoming endeavors of YAMAN Philippines. Recognizing that a seminar alone cannot adequately address the challenges posed by climate change, YAMAN Philippines is actively devising green and sustainable initiatives in collaboration with school organizations, affirming its commitment to environmental advocacy.

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