Green Acres completes 2 DPWH projects in Butuan, Iloilo

By: Philippine Resources May 30, 2019

Green Acres has already completed two projects this year from January to March. Both have been DPWH projects; Green Acres has been working closely with this government department to update their hydroseeding specifications to include modern vegetation establishment mulches, namely their core product ‘HydroStraw All In One (BFM)’.

The first project of the year was located in Agusan, Del Norte, Butuan. The project involved the application of Green Acres hydroseeding products in conjunction with geo textile matting. The second project located in Iloilo involved combining multiple products for the challenging site. It was decided to use Green Acres; HydroStraw and Summit Seed hydroseeding products in combination with Takino filter erosion control matting which has geo textile component. Through the course of both projects Green Acres was able to showcase the usability and benefits of the hydroseeding process for these DPWH projects. Highlighting the fast establishment nature of the process as a whole. Many representatives of DPWH and other private companies were present and able to watch the process and see the fast and effective results first hand.

The core products Green Acres focus’ on are:

- HydroStraw All In One (BFM) – A vegetation establishment mulch which already incorporates the required: Tackifiers, Balanced NPK Fertilizers and Soil Amendments.

- GAH Vegetator Mix – A seed mix consisting of three species of grass: Rye Grass, Bermuda and Paspalum. Providing both fast and long-term ground cover.

Green Acres has also recently added silt socks to their product list. The silt sock product is a three (3) dimensional tubular run-off & erosion control device used for slope interruption. The product is applied prior to hydroseeding and is advised when hydroseeding sloped areas to mitigate potential wash out issues in areas with heavy rainfall. The slope interruption minimizes the risk of erosion and washouts by dissipating the energy of overland run off water, reducing its erosive potential.

Green Acres also supplies high quality equipment for their customers, a range designed by HydroStraw LLC for markets like the Philippines with a focus on usability on projects with access issues. This being the case the range is focused on smaller units. Currently offering the following sizes:

- 550 Gallon (2,000 L)

- 900 Gallon (3,500 L)

- 1,200 Gallon (4,500 L)

All of the above products are supplied in conjunction with HydroStraw LLC USA and Summit Seed USA, who are in fact the U.S. partners of Green Acres Hydroseeding Inc. Both companies have been in their respective industries for 25+ years providing top quality products and supporting their partners where ever possible.

Green Acres works on an honest, transparent system. Focused on finding the best solution for their customers individual needs. Doing so with various combinations of their products, services and highly skilled team members. Upon assessment of the project via site visit, their team will discuss and offer various solutions to individual clients. These solutions can loosely be categorised as one of the below systems:

- Complete Solutions: This involves Green Acres supplying products and installing them on the behalf of their customers entirely.

- Self-Installation: This involves Green Acres supplying products, equipment and setting up their customers with training. Supplying supervision for as long as necessary and then remotely supporting as needed.

The company also offers other cost saving alternatives. Allowing their customers to use their own equipment and labour where possible or even providing their own mobilization. The goal being to support their customers in a way that best suits their needs.

Green Acres hopes to modernize rehabilitation and vegetation establishment throughout the Philippines and South East Asia. Doing this through the modern hydroseeding technologies they’re now providing their customers throughout South East Asia. Through their flexible, cost effective services and top-quality products, Green Acres hopes to help their customers grow their own solutions.

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