Reaping the Rewards of World-Class Innovative Technology

By: Philippine Resources June 30, 2021

Article by: John-Eric Taburada

CAGDIANAO, Dinagat Islands -- Good communication is the key to a harmonious and lasting relationship, not just in our homes but also in our working environment.

History tells us that because communication and information are both essential to the foundation of all businesses, paving way to the birth of the world-wide-web.

The arrival of the internet made the world smaller and made things easier, especially how communication works for many businesses and industries on the entire planet.

Surprisingly, some people are still not keen on “high-tech” stuff because they are afraid to go out of their comfort zones, or they are hesitant to invest on unknown grounds. And most of them will just rely on a “wait-and-see” attitude to avoid the possibility of the unknot.

This is understandable, to some degree, because jumping to the next curve is viewed as a risky move. This is where Cagdianao Mining Corporation differentiates itself from the rest: it has the courage to take calculated risks and explore the possibilities.

In the IT field, CMC -- a subsidiary of Nickel Asia Corporation -- is the pilot for the Point-to-Point (PtP) technology, which is used to connect the internet to remote locations from areas already connected. In deploying this technology, CMC uses Ubiquiti to connect wireless gadgets to other wireless gadgets -- making it the FIRST in the mining industry to utilize this magnificent technology.

Some telecommunications or data transfers today still rely on cables and wires. To make the connection accessible to a distance, one still needs cabling resources. The PtP technology increases the company's communication reach further, even if it is located in a remote mining area.

This increasing first-rate connectivity is a great help to the success of the organization.

Thanks to the vision of our leaders who think more of the company’s future.

CMC’s ICT Team is proud to work hand in hand with the improvement of CMC's work environment, and its members take pride in the fact that they work for a technology-pioneering company in the mining industry. As Dave Packard (one of the founders of HP–Hewlett-Packard Company) once said: “I don’t think it’s useful spending much time looking at the past. I think we ought to spend most of our time looking at the future because that’s where we’re all gonna be.”

Indeed, this technology is envisioned to provide employees more motivation to work with confidence as they are assured of enhanced productivity, leading to the fulfillment of targeted goals. These are but a few of the rewards that this new technology brings -- and we'll keep reaping more as we discover the efficiencies and other advantages as we move forward.

The CMC ICT Team always works in the background among all departments, and its members sometimes feel invisible. Nevertheless, their passion and commitment are felt all around the campsite as they toil in silence. Their mindset and work ethic can be expressed in their slogan: “Our team is MANY HANDS but ONE MIND."

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