Transition to Webinars from Face-to-Face Luncheons

By: Marcelle P. Villegas June 29, 2021

[Past mining events by Philippine Mining Club Luncheon (Photo credits: Philippine Mining Club Facebook page)]

For several years now, Philippine Mining Club (PMC) has served as a professional networking forum that brought industries together and created opportunities for its members and guest speakers. PMC brings together mining executives, government officials, academic societies in geology and mining engineering, stakeholders and other groups in the Philippine minerals industry. 

More recently, the Philippine Infrastructure and Construction Club (PICC) was established. As a professional business forum, it aims to lift the profile of the Philippine construction industry. Through their webinars, they highlight the contribution of the infrastructure industry in nation building and promoting progress in the Philippine economy.

Both PMC and PICC are organised and managed by Second Chance Events & Consultancy Inc. The two clubs are independent from each other and have different forums to promote their respective industries.

"Second Chance Events & Consultancy Inc. is an organization that works with a variety of businesses and individuals within the Philippines to promote the development of the Philippines through different modes of events. These events primarily take the form of luncheon meetings and webinars with a main presenter and accompanied by various industry updates." [1]

Kevin Lewis, General Manager of Philippine Mining Club and Marketing Manager Philippine Infrastructure and Construction Club, expressed his thoughts on how the COVID-19 pandemic affected their events and operations.

"This global pandemic and the nationwide lockdowns have an impact on our business luncheons. While webinars are effective means to stay connected with each other, this new normal setup has somehow removed the human connection and warmth that we experience during luncheons. There is nothing that compares with the face-to-face interactions and the personal connections we get from direct networking while having lunch or drinks. This kind of warm connection is lost during webinars despite our efforts to communicate. The lost warmth of human interaction is somehow a difficulty and challenge in our business operations."

"We are grateful for all the guest speakers and attendees who continue to support and connect with us in our events for both PICC and PMC. We aim to bring you more engaging and interesting topics in the months to come." 

PICC presented their 3rd webinar for the year on 11 June 2021 with the topic "Davao Bulk Water Supply/Power Nexus". This event had two keynote speakers from Apo Agua Infrastructura, Inc., namely: Anna Lu (President) and Shake Tuason (Operations Head). 

On 18 June 2021, PICC featured you the topic "Clean Earth Technologies - Clean Mining - for a richer earth". In the near future, Philippine Mining Club will present B2Gold and Bamboo Summit for their upcoming topics.

“Due to the Covid 19 virus, we have suspended Luncheons until further notice and have switched to Webinars until mass gatherings are allowed once again. Hopefully this will happen in the third quarter of 2021. In meantime stay safe and social distance and network via our still very interesting, relevant, and informative webinars.”

For more information about Philippine Infrastructure and Construction Club, please visit the, and Philippine Mining Club at



[1] Philippine Infrastructure and Construction Club website: Retrieved from -


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