China ready to restart oil exploration talks with PH 'anytime'

By: Philippine Resources July 28, 2022

Photo credit: Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of the Philippines - Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian

China is ready to restart talks on oil and gas exploration with the Philippines as soon as the latter gives the go signal, Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian said Wednesday.

"In the field of energy, we hope that we will continue to work on oil and gas cooperation. (W)e hope we start that negotiation and find some solution for the benefits of our two peoples to meet the need or the demand of energy of this country and China," he told reporters in Pasay City.

"I think with the new administration in place, we are ready to restart our negotiation anytime."

At the same time, Huang said Beijing is open to working with Manila as it shifts to renewables.

The two countries signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on joint oil and gas development in the West Philippines Sea in November 2018.

After three years of negotiations, the Philippines terminated the talks, citing possible issues with the Constitution just before former president Rodrigo Duterte stepped down from office.

In addition, the envoy said the two nations must also "work harder" on developing clean energy as a means of addressing the climate crisis.

"Last year, the export of electric vehicles of China accounts for more than half of the world's. We are one of the leading players in terms of clean energy and so we are ready to work with this country to share our technology, share our expertise to move forward hand-in-hand," he said. By Joyce Ann L. Rocamora


Article courtesy of the Philippine News Agency

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