By: Philippine Resources April 12, 2023

Commitment to innovation. Product development. Market insights. Unmatched experience.

These are just some of the things that give Valley Blades Limited—and our customers—the leading edge.

The Grader-Link ProTM mining grader blade by Valley Blades delivers longer wear life compared to standard OEM blades. Uniquely designed in locking segments of 46lbs each for the regular straight blade or 41lbs each for the serrated blade, these forged and heat-treated blades are safe and easy for one operator or maintenance person to handle, right on site, reducing both downtime and maintenance required. The bottom line is increased safety and performance and decreased costs.

One case study showed the Grader-Link ProTM to be the best cutting edge ever used by an American gold mine. After nearly 2,000 hours of use over 184 days, wear was minimal, consistently averaging ½” across the mouldboard and 1” at either end. Carbide inserts were still intact, and while the blade showed some minor chips, overall product performance was not impacted.

Home of the exclusive VALLITE heat-treating process, Valley Blades is your go-to for blades, cutting edges, ground-engaging tools (G.E.T.), wear parts and accessories for construction and mining equipment.

VBL’s through-hardened blades are also available with replaceable carbide tips to offer the best performance for scarifying hard surfaces. A variety of rotating and fixed (non-rotating) tips are available to tailor the blade to your application. The CARBITTM system is available in different sizes to suit all sizes of OEM machines.

Keeping up with global competition means providing customers with trusted solutions that work and last. The team at Valley Blades cares about what they do, and it shows up in the quality of the product.

VBL is exclusively distributed by Uptime Earthmoving Solutions, Inc. in the Philippines.

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