Mining Operational Excellence Through Digital Transformation

By: Philippine Resources June 23, 2023

By Mae Ann Cabasag, EM - Part 2: MOM Operational Control & Assets Performance Domains

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION is vital for mining companies to mitigate challenges caused by "poor visibility" in mining operations. Dassault Systèmes MINE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT (MOM) utilizes real-time data in an integrated system— capable of ensuring automatic updates and a reliable source of information.

In Part 1 of this MOM series, global mining industry challenges were discussed, along with Data Management and Material Reconciliation solutions. These solutions enable us to consolidate data from multiple sources into a unified referential system, while also facilitating the reconciliation of material movements and inventory across the mining value chain.

Now, we will delve into the two pillars of Operational Performance— (1) Operational Control and (2) Assets Performance.


This domain consists of Work Management and Workforce Management packages where assigning operational tasks across resources and tracking compliance to plan are feasible in the mining operations.

  • (1.a) Work Management

The work management solution enhances efficiency by streamlining tasks and processes. Mine supervisors utilize this solution to view work orders and assign mine operators, accordingly, ensuring tasks align with their skills and availability, thus reducing assignment delays. Once allocated, mine operators promptly access and execute their work orders. The solution also enables operators to raise maintenance alerts if they encounter issues during work, promptly notifying the maintenance team for resolution. At the end of each shift, supervisors can verify the status of all work orders, confirming task completion and ensuring smooth operation continuity. This comprehensive Work Management solution streamlines work order operations, allowing supervisors to track progress, identify bottlenecks, and assign skilled operators to specific tasks.

  • (1.b) Workforce Management

Any firm, including the mining industry, requires a workforce management solution. With several mining operators and mining contractors working at various sites, it is critical to have an efficient system in place to track operations and timesheets. A strong workforce management system not only monitors employee productivity but also assures compliance with labor laws and regulations. It guarantees that the right people are in the right place at the right time. Mining companies can manage individual worker tasks by employing real-time data monitoring. The solution simplifies worker shift handling and precise job assignments. By planning and coordinating site activities effectively, mining companies can minimize site congestion, distribute workload, decrease field workforce, and improve delivery— ensuring quality and worker safety through real-time data monitoring and reporting.


This domain consists of Machine Performance and Asset Maintenance packages where monitoring equipment performances and scheduling maintenance activities are viable within mining operations.

  • (2.a) Machine Performance

This solution ensures smooth operations within the mining process by leveraging machine sensor data sent to Message Broker. Through monitoring and analysis of machine performance, mine supervisors can effectively track and optimize operations. Using tablets, mine supervisors can conveniently monitor machine status, make manual adjustments, or automate processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity. This solution generates maintenance alerts based on key performance indicators, which can be assigned to maintenance engineers for prompt resolution minimizing downtimes, and increasing overall efficiencies.

  • (1.b) Asset Maintenance

Asset maintenance solution ensures uninterrupted operations in mining by enabling maintenance supervisors to manage scheduled maintenance, evaluate maintenance schedules, assign engineers to tasks, and ensure proper care of the company's assets. Regular maintenance activities are essential to keep mining equipment in optimal working condition, thus minimizing risks of downtimes or failures. Preventive maintenance orders involve routine inspections and maintenance activities to proactively address potential issues, while reactive maintenance orders, involve addressing unexpected breakdowns. Through this solution, the maintenance supervisor promptly assigns engineers to resolve issues, identify root causes, and propose long-term solutions. Ensuring equipment is maintained effectively, effective supervision and timely execution of maintenance orders are essential factors.

Operational performance enables mining companies to achieve increased efficiency, cost reduction, and enhanced safety measures. This solution provides monitoring and managing the entire mining process by seamlessly integrating existing systems and providing data on machine performance, production rates, and other critical metrics. With user-friendly interfaces and streamlined workflows, this solution promotes collaboration between departments, enabling mining companies to optimize their operations and remain competitive in today's fast-paced industry.  To learn more about MOM, cutting-edge mining innovations, and solutions, contact Paramina Earth Technologies Inc., Dassault Systèmes Value Solutions Partner in the Philippines through



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