GHD Redesigns its Workplace for Hybrid Work

By: Philippine Resources September 11, 2023

GHD executives during the “blessing” of their newly renovated Makati office. From left to right: Mario Dimagiba, Operations Manager – Philippines, Van Tang, Executive General Manager – New Zealand Asia Pacific, and Simon Terry, General Manager – Philippines.

In GHD, the transition to hybrid work presented a once-in-a-generation opportunity to rethink the design and role of its offices. The aim is to create a place where people want to come versus where they must come. Reverting to the status quo was never an option, especially because long commutes are typical in the Philippines.

Given this, renovation works in two of three GHD offices in the Philippines commenced and were completed in the last twelve months. Together with its office in Quezon City (opened in 2019), GHD now boasts of more than 5,000 sqm of redesigned workspaces to accommodate its 1,000-strong workforce in the Philippines.

Facilitating collaboration and concentration

The new offices adopted floor plans that embrace more team-focused spaces that encourage a balance of individual and collaborative work. Further, they feature more areas for socializing, in a way that supports varying types of work preferences and expectations.

Incorporating local elements

Apart from promoting collaboration and learning, these three offices were designed to nurture a sense of belonging. The meeting rooms are named after local flora and fauna, and design elements incorporated indigenous materials, such as rattan and capiz shells (ubiquitous materials used for accessories and home décor).

Implementing sustainable practices

Aside from improving the offices’ appearance, GHD also implemented actions to make workspaces more energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable. These include switching to carbon neutral floor finishes made with a much lower carbon footprint and using indigenous materials like capiz shells (reduces the fossil fuels and associated pollutants required for shipping).

In addition, GHD reused and upcycled old furniture, switched to LED lights (reducing carbon emissions for the space by 56%), recycled cardboard and other materials, discarded plastic water bottles by shifting to direct tap filtered water, and replaced old refrigerators with inverter type, projecting a reduction in energy consumption.

Promoting safety and wellbeing

As the world moves forward from the threats of COVID-19, the new offices are also equipped to be ready—from providing adequate spacing between staff, reviewing air conditioning infrastructure, and implementing zero touch technologies (for entry/exit, printing).

By bringing to life functional designs and plans that do not simply make do with the new normal, but make it better, GHD created environments that work best for its employees and for its clients.

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