Advancing the Philippines’ Civil and Marine Infrastructure Sustainably and Safely with Fugro

By: Philippine Resources January 15, 2024

As the world’s leading geotechnical and geo-data specialist, Fugro is dedicated to supporting civil and marine engineering projects across the globe. The company’s expertise in data acquisition, analysis, and advice have helped its clients mitigate risks throughout the entire infrastructure lifecycle, from design to construction and operation.

Founded in the Netherlands over 60 years ago, and now operating with a global team of almost 10,000 employees, Fugro expanded its operations into the Philippines in 2019. Currently, its office in Manila has a headcount of approximately 60 staff.

By integrating its extensive regional and global network with local Filipino experts, Fugro stands ready to support projects throughout the Philippines and in the region.

Fugro provides an extensive range of geotechnical services from its Manila office, playing a key role in supporting the country’s infrastructure developments for a safer and more sustainable future, transforming geo-data into actionable advice for its clients.

Wide-ranging geotechnical and geo-data expertise for land and marine projects

An anchor service that Fugro offers in the Philippines is its geotechnical laboratory in Manila, where it offers a wide range of manual and automated test programmes.

The laboratory is accredited by the Philippines’ Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), with the laboratory services provided by Fugro aligned with international standards. By choosing Fugro as partner, companies also gain access to Fugro’s global network of laboratories and geotechnical expertise.

Clients of Fugro can therefore engage its services with confidence, knowing that the company has the skills, capacity, and capabilities needed to take on the largest of testing programmes, with speed and precision.

In addition to Fugro’s extensive laboratory capabilities, the company also offers land and nearshore geotechnical site investigations, geological and geophysical surveys, and a full range of foundation testing services.

These solutions and services, and the geo-data that the company obtains from site projects empower its clients to identify ground risks and mitigate them with confidence. This informed decision-making process is proven to result in shorter and more accurate project programmes, and reductions in project technical and commercial risks.

Make Fugro your partner today!

With the Philippines’ economy poised for growth, the government’s programme of civil and marine infrastructure projects will play a key role in the country’s development. Fugro is well-placed and committed to supporting this growth and will continue to enhance its expertise in ensuring the development of safe and sustainable infrastructure.

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