Driving Your Success: The Philippines' Choice for OTR Tires

By: Philippine Resources January 15, 2024

In today's ever-evolving economy, where global shortages in natural rubber resources pose significant challenges to the Off-The-Road (OTR) tire industry, it's essential to have a reliable partner who can help you find the right tires for your specific needs. Enter HIGANTIS, the industry specialists in OTR Tires, who have been redefining the standards of excellence for over 30 years.

Our Trusted Partners

HIGANTIS ensures that customers get precisely the right tires for each job application and site condition and boasts partnerships with some of the most reputable names in the OTR tire industry. Here's a glimpse of the brands we proudly stand behind:

Maxam Tires: Our latest partner, Maxam Tires, is a major global specialty tire manufacturer known for its market-leading quality, reliability, and delivered value. Their strong reputation is built on world-class engineering practices and advanced manufacturing platforms that ensure superior product quality. Maxam is dedicated to innovation and creating an exceptional customer experience.

Goodyear Off-The-Road: Goodyear, one of the world's largest tire manufacturers, has been in the business since 1898. They have been manufacturing tires for a wide range of customers, truck fleets, industrial operations, and airlines. Goodyear's commitment to quality and performance has made them a household name in the industry.


At HIGANTIS, we don't just offer products; we've tried and tested them in various site conditions over the years. It's this extensive real-world experience that enables us to confidently extend the full manufacturer's warranty on all the tires in our family of reputable brands. When you choose HIGANTIS, you're choosing trust, reliability, and peace of mind.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our guiding principle at HIGANTIS is simple yet profound: "To conduct each transaction in the most dignified manner, in the face of God, family, and community, and to do so in all humility." We live by this principle in every aspect of our business, from tire supply and maintenance to training and education for tire technicians and maintenance managers of fleet operations.

Our Comprehensive Services

HIGANTIS offers a range of services designed to meet the unique needs of the OTR tire industry, including:

Professional Tire Repair: Guaranteed until the tire wears out.

On-Site Tire Shops: Our on-site tire shops provide convenient solutions for maintaining your OTR tires, tailored to your site’s challenges and objectives.

Tire Management: Includes pressure maintenance, rotation scheduling, and inventory projections, to help customers determine the best tire for their operations.

Tire Rentals: Guarantees a steady rate (price per hour delivered) and savings for the project.

Recycling & Renewables: We’re always exploring new ways to give back to our planet and are committed to eco-friendly practices through tire recycling and renewable solutions.

Performance Monitoring: Our tools, techniques, and customized reports help you monitor different aspects of tire performance to optimize your operations.

With over three decades of experience in the Mining, Truck, and Bus Industries, HIGANTIS is the partner you can trust for all your OTR tire needs. Our strategic alliances, along with our unwavering commitment to excellence, ensure that you have access to the right tires for your unique application and site condition. When it comes to OTR tires, HIGANTIS stands as a beacon of trust and reliability in an industry where these qualities are of paramount importance.

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