The Only Repair that is Guaranteed Until the Tire Wears out; Higantis PTR

By: Philippine Resources April 01, 2024

It may not be obvious at first, but tires are one of the top expenses of a mining company, along with fuel and equipment costs. When one tire of a mining truck used for moving earth and ore costs an estimated US$10,000, any prudent company must figure out how to maximize this investment.

That’s where companies like Higantis Corporation come in. Instead of constantly needing to replace and buy tires for different types of heavy equipment and vehicles, mining firms have turned to Higantis for all their Off-the-Road (OTR) tire needs – leading to significant cost savings and worry-free maintenance at the mine site.

Higantis has over 30 years of experience in this field, dating from its forerunner, Leemasters International Systems, which pioneered OTR tire repairs and services to mining firms in the country.

Among Higantis’ notable clients are major players in the construction, industrial, mining, and quarry sectors.

As a one-stop-shop for all things tire-related, Higantis not only supplies brand-new OTR tires, but it also provides total tire management services for a mining company’s fleet - from providing professional tire repair services at the mine site through its roster of tire technicians to advising firms on how to recycle their scrapped tires, there’s nothing Higantis can’t do when it comes to rubber tires.

As a pioneer in the industry, they provide their own manpower to the mine sites.

Moving giant tires out of a mine site can be tedious and expensive. Higantis helps its clients reduce costs by bringing the service to them on-site, including all the equipment and supplies needed. Clients just need to provide the suitable workspace, and Higantis can get to work.

Indeed, majority of Higantis’ workforce is stationed on-site with their clients. Most of them are locals of the mine area that Higantis have trained to become professional tire men, guaranteeing that a client will have the best tire experts ready for any emergency.

When it comes to Higantis’ PTR (Professional Tire Repair) services, this is not the typical vulcanizing shop operation that most are familiar with. Quality OTR tire repairs require patience because it is a long, meticulous process, and a small amount of error may compromise the repair.

Being diligent in correctly assessing the tire’s condition, understanding how the tire is constructed and (like a doctor) knowing what you’re operating on before you cut, drill, and scythe the rubber before conducting the repair is a true hallmark of a Higantis tire technician.

There’s more to it than the physical component. Higantis usually recruit candidates who have experience with tires, then train them on the theories and equipment to ensure a safe and quality repair. Proper training makes all the difference.

At Higantis, tire technicians are taught how to evaluate injured tires, and to truly determine if they can be effectively repaired, especially when the tires are over 50-percent worn out. There’s a cost to repairs, but it should always be lower than buying a brand-new tire and the value of the tire to be repaired. If Higantis cannot ensure the customer that a repaired tire will hold up during operations, it will recommend getting a new tire.

Higantis has been on top of its game for over three decades now, not just due to the expertise of its “tire doctors” but also through its quality equipment and process that differentiate them from other service providers. Higantis was also the first to introduce the Monaflex Tyre Repair Systems locally.

They are the first in the country to guarantee their repairs until the tires are fully worn out. If anything happens to the repair, they will repair it again, free of charge.

The goal of every tire repair is to save at least 25 percent of the cost of the remaining value of the tire to be repaired. Higantis thus measures a tire’s value by the thickness of its remaining tread. That’s why it should be properly assessed before the repair – not only if it’s safe to repair but economical as well. The cost also depends on the severity of the tire injury.

When it comes to brand new tires, Higantis has two of the most reliable names in the industry – Goodyear Off-the-Road and Maxam (Sailun group).

Higantis is not merely a supplier nor trader. As a total tire management service provider, they make sure their clients get the most cost-efficient tire for their equipment and operations, even providing performance reports on how each tire brand in-service is faring. They are transparent with their clients and this is the reason why they have lasted all these years – by earning the trust of the customer.

These and other reasons are why Higantis can claim to be the premier OTR tire solutions provider in the country today – a veritable giant in the field, like the tires on the off-highway trucks that dwarf people at mine sites across the country.

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