by Philippine Resources - August 31, 2021

With global OEM production slow-moving due to the pandemic and secondhand equipment prices reaching new heights, Ritchie Bros. Senior Territory Sales Manager Chris Edwards is encouraging consignors in the Philippines to bring their assets to market.

Chris Edwards, who is based in Manila, was appointed at the beginning of 2021 to accommodate rising demand in the Philippines.

Chris Edwards

“Ritchie Bros. has a long-standing reputation in the Philippines. The first Ritchie Bros. auction ever hosted in Asia was in Subic Bay in 1994. We pioneered the auctioneering business in the Philippines with permanent live auction sites from 1994 to 1999, now we’re back with a new office in Manila to support buyers and sellers in the Philippines” said Mr. Edwards.

“We have returned to the Philippines as the global market appetite for used equipment and machinery has burgeoned over the last 18 months with no sign of demand slowing down.

“Philippine mining companies have experienced record-breaking quarters and rising commodity prices. This is a great time to bring used equipment to our global market and get the best possible price. We continue to secure great results for mining companies across Asia through our various sales channels.

“We have Territory Managers all throughout the Asia-Pacific region ready to help consignors get the best price for their used equipment. As world-leading asset remarketers, with expertise on the ground, our comprehensive sales solutions give consigners a choice of selling solutions through Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers unreserved auctions, IronPlanet reserved auctions, or our 24/7 Marketplace-E.” 

Ritchie Bros. sold more equipment and machinery in 2020 than any other auction company. The Covid-19 pandemic has continued to accelerate acceptance of large-scale online equipment sales and purchases. Since shifting to exclusively online auctions, the market leader has continued to see record-breaking bidder participation, strong buyer demand, and outstanding results for sellers.

Need help selling your assets? Contact Chris Edwards on +63.917.149.8545 or cedwards@ritchiebros.com

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Philippine Resources - November 08, 2021

Ritchie Bros. Japan National Auction to attract buyers in the Philippines

Ritchie Bros. will conduct its largest auction of the year in Japan, selling more than 200+ vehicles, equipment items and trucks at its site in Narita on November 24-25. The Japan National IronPlanet Auction is set to be the largest of the year, with more inventory to be added daily. Day one of the auction (November 24) dedicated to over 140 passenger vehicles while day two (November 25) will focus on trucks and equipment. “Our Japan auction is a great opportunity for customers in the Philippines to source high quality Japanese equipment from the most trusted name in the equipment business,” said Chris Edwards, Ritchie Bros. Senior Territory Sales Manager for the Philippines. “Day one of the auction will feature 140 vehicles including passenger vans, sedans and utility trucks, and on day two a huge selection of excavators, dozers, and wheel loaders, and dump trucks will go under the hammer.” "We've seen a steady growth of buyers from the Philippines attending our online auctions in Japan over the last two years, and we expect that trend to continue," said Mr. Edwards. "The majority of used equipment imported into the Philippines comes from Japan because of its convenient proximity and reputation for quality assets. Buyers in the Philippines choose Ritchie Bros. to source their used equipment due to our longstanding reputation in the Philippines as the trusted global marketplace and our commitment to fairness and transparency.” Specific equipment highlights in the Japan auction include a 2007 Cat 320D, a 2009 & 2008 Cat 311DRR, a 2003 Cat 740 Art Dump Truck, a 2001 Sakai TS160-7 Pneumatic Roller, and a 2011 Kubota R430Z Wheel Loader. Bids can be made online in real time at ironplanet.com. The auction will begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. local Narita time on November 24, 2021. Chris Edwards, who is based in Manila, was appointed at the beginning of 2021 to accommodate rising demand in the Philippines. “We have returned to the Philippines as the global market appetite for used equipment and machinery has burgeoned over the last two years with no sign of demand slowing down.” Ritchie Bros. sold more equipment and machinery in 2020 than any other auction company. The Covid-19 pandemic has continued to accelerate acceptance of large-scale online equipment sales and purchases. Since shifting to exclusively online auctions, the market leader has continued to see record-breaking bidder participation, strong buyer demand, and outstanding results for buyers and sellers. Ritchie Bros. will be conducting the auction through its online auction platform IronPlanet and will be the final auction in Japan for 2021. This is an ideal sale for Philippine buyers to acquire quality used equipment from Japan before the new year. For more information, head to www.ironplanet.com. For support with registration and bidding, contact Chris Edwards on +63.917.149.8545 or cedwards@ritchiebros.com


Philippine Resources - December 07, 2021

Partner with Ritchie Bros. to sell your assets and maximize the value of your fleet

When it’s time to upgrade your fleet, it’s not always easy to maximize the value of your redundant assets. Most equipment owners lack the resources or knowledge of how to properly remarket assets and market them to national, regional, and global markets. The key to remarketing your equipment is understanding current local and global market trends, identifying key attributes that create value for your assets, and reaching motivated buyers through targeted marketing campaigns. To accomplish these goals and ensure you get the most return for your machines, you need to partner with a company that has the experience, market knowledge, and marketing reach to ensure a successful sale. Ritchie Bros. has multiple sales channels to match the right channel with the customers’ needs and requirements. Ritchie Bros. Unreserved Online Auctions Ritchie Bros. IronPlanet Online Reserved Auctions Marketplace E – 24/7 Global Marketplace Ritchie Bros. Private Treaty – negotiation and sale of your equipment for cash. Chris Edwards, Philippines Sales Manager, is based in Manila and can assist sellers through the entire process, from evaluation, assessment of assets, providing recommendations, and ensuring global marketing campaigns are reaching the most motivated buyers. Combining your assets with Ritchie Bros. expertise and experience is a solution for success. For more information about how to partner with Ritchie Bros. in the Philippines, visit www.ritchiebros.com or contact Chris Edwards, Philippines Sales Manager, at +64 917 149 8545 or cedwards@ritchiebros.com


Philippine Resources - March 10, 2022

Ritchie Bros Providing the Philippines a World of Choice

Photo credit: Ritchie Bros. Driven by long term infrastructure growth, the expansion of mining activity and post COVID-19 recovery plans, the demand for construction and mining equipment in the Philippines for the medium to long term is strong. Coupled with global supply chain constraints and long lead times for buying new equipment from OEMs and their dealers, equipment users in the Philippines are now, more than ever, looking around the globe for quality used equipment. Ritchie Bros., the global marketplace of choice in the used machinery industry, has more channels and opportunities for Filipino customers to buy and sell equipment in the global marketplace. Ritchie Bros. pioneered live public unreserved auctions in the Philippines when they conducted auctions for the benefit of Pinoys equipment owner in the mid to late 1990s in Subic Bay. Live public unreserved auctions is how Ritchie Bros. has secured its unparalleled reputation over the past 60 years. Scheduling an auction date, marshaling hundreds if not thousands of late model quality used equipment into one auction yard, and inviting the public to bid. All assets in our unreserved auctions are sold, regardless of the final sale price, benefiting both buyer and seller. Ritchie Bros. has replicated this model around the globe, with over 50 permanent auction facilities located in 14 counties around the world (North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia). But as the needs of the market change and technology advances, Ritchie Bros. provides sales channels and offerings that meet the dynamic needs of our customers. Our live public unreserved auction, with thousands of assets, is still the backbone of our business. However, to match the needs of our customers, we have also developed other sales and buying channels. IronPlanet is our online only auction platform, our 24/7 marketplace, Marketplace E, allows customers to buy equipment through offer and negotiation, while Ritchie Bros. Private Treaty, provides the ability to buy and sell assets discretely with Ritchie Bros. Each of these unique channels allows our customers more choice and timely opportunities to buy and sell equipment. Each one is uniquely formulated to provide our customers with solutions for every situation they may face. Online only platforms make it easy and convenient to purchase equipment from anywhere in the world. Ritchie Bros. comprehensive sales solutions give you a choice of selling channels through our global network. Our unreserved online auctions Ritchie Bros.’ unreserved auctions help you sell heavy equipment and machinery for the best price. Since we shifted to online auctions through our Timed Auction system, we’ve seen record-breaking bidder participation and sales results. Our reserved online auctions IronPlanet offers a convenient way to sell equipment quickly from your yard to a global buyer base. With the sale and transaction all taking place online, it’s a service designed to work with your schedule and location. Our 24/7 marketplace With Marketplace-E, our 24/7 online marketplace, you can set a minimum price and let us take care of finding the buyer. You can decide to sell from your own location or at one of Ritchie Bros. yards. Our Ritchie Bros. Private Treaty Ritchie Bros. facilitates private treaty negotiations for a wide variety of specialized and high-value heavy equipment and industrial assets. Buying is easy: just contact us to arrange an inspection and make an offer. We will handle confidential negotiations between you and the seller, and manage the settlement of transactions. Ritchie Bros. in the Philippines With the vision to serve the needs of our customers in the Philippines, Ritchie Bros. has set up a Philippine Country Representative based in Manila. Chris Edwards has more than 20 years’ experience in the equipment trading business in the Asia Pacific region and conveniently located in Manila to serve your needs. Have assets to sell? Need to find quality equipment for your project? Reach out to Mr. Edwards for a no-obligation consultation on how Ritchie Bros. and its many sales and distribution channels would be best for you and your situation.

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Philippine Resources - July 01, 2022

Sampulna cites need for more mineral processing plants to boost PH production

Photo credit: DENR - Mr. Jim O. Sampulna Former Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Acting Secretary Jim O. Sampulna pushed for the establishment of more mineral processing plants and utilization of rare earth deposits to help increase the country’s mineral production and revenue generation. “Mineral processing plants make the mined mineral ready to use for application. For example, limestone, if processed, will become cement, which is ready to use for construction,” Sampulna cited. “If we have more of these plants and more minerals will be processed in the country, then its value will increase even more than 100 percent, and lesser raw materials will be shipped out to other countries, like Japan or China,” he said. The DENR-Mines and Geosciences Bureau has so far issued 108 mineral processing permits, most of which are for construction materials. Likewise, Sampulna proposed the identification of rare earth elements (REEs), such as scandium and yttrium, in operating mines. Sampulna, who was the former DENR undersecretary for mining, said that these metals are essential parts for many high-technology devices. “The Philippines is conducive to these minerals. It could contribute to the national government through the identification and utilization of these commodities. To date, there are only a few operating mines which have identified REEs,” he said. Sampulna cited that a proposed iron mineral processing plant in Zamboanga had its groundbreaking ceremony on June 18, to support the DENR’s initiatives toward self-utilization of mineral commodities in the country. “We hope that investors will push for the opening of more processing plants in the Philippines,” he said. He also assured Filipinos that the DENR will continue to strengthen its regulation and monitoring of mining operations to ensure sustainable and responsible mineral production in the country.   Article courtesy of Department of Environment and Natural Resources


Philippine Resources - June 29, 2022

DENR Awards MGB with Plaque of Appreciation for the Success of the Boracay Island Rehabilitation

Photo: The MGB Boracay Island Rehabilitation Team together with former DENR Secretary Roy A. Cimatu Four years after the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) spearheaded the rehabilitation of the Boracay Island, the DENR Acting Secretary and Boracay Inter-Agency Task Force (BIATF) Chair Jim O. Sampulna CESO I awarded the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) a Plaque of Appreciation for its valuable contribution to the success of the Boracay Island Rehabilitation during the BIATF’s culminating event on June 16, 2022. Boracay Island is one of the most developed and densely populated karstic islands in the Philippines. The extensive alteration of its natural landscape, as well as the alleged discharge of wastewater into the sea, posed a major environmental concern, prompting its temporary closure on April 26, 2018. The BIATF then launched the rehabilitation of Boracay island to safeguard its sustainable development. As part of the BIATF, the MGB team, led by Lands Geological Survey Division (LGSD) Chief Liza Socorro J. Manzano, was composed of technical personnel from the LGSD of MGB Central Office and the Geosciences Division of MGB Regional Office No. VI. The team conducted studies on hydrogeology, coastal geohazards, karst subsidence hazard, and geophysical investigations using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and georesistivity.   The highly specialized studies sought to provide a holistic understanding of the island’s karstology and the impacts of tourism development to ensure that the rehabilitation efforts of the government are predicated on the ecological sustainability of the small island karst. Ultimately, the results of the GPR investigation on pipes discreetly disposing wastewater and polluting the seawater of Boracay which resulted in the discovery of their existence and eventual dismantling of the same is a "game-changer" relative to the implementation of science-based strategies and crafting of policies for appropriate wastewater and solid waste management in the island.    Article courtesy of the MGB


Philippine Resources - June 28, 2022

The Fault with Cobalt: Overcoming the Challenges of Battery Metal Exploration

 upply Co., Inc. Cobalt is an important element used to manufacture rechargeable batteries. Cobalt has unique properties that help improve thermal stability, which is critical for the batteries to function properly. It also helps improve some batteries’ energy density, so they can last longer. The demand for cobalt is high, so geologists need fast, accurate tools to help them meet these requirements. Portable X-ray fluorescence (pXRF) analyzers are one of these tools, as they provide on-the-spot material chemistry results. Why Choose Portable XRF for Cobalt Exploration? Portable XRF provides rapid, in situ, multielement geochemistry for immediate results in the field. This is useful for greenfield and brownfield exploration, ore grade and process control, environmental monitoring and remediation, and researching/teaching within the geological/environmental sciences. For battery metal exploration, portable XRF provides decision-quality data faster than traditional, lab-based XRF, and also enables more discriminatory laboratory sampling, helping reduce costs and improve ROI. With sample preparation, pXRF produces high-quality quantitative data that is comparable to laboratory analysis. Challenges with Analyzing Cobalt XRF is prone to inter-element interferences. Iron (Fe) on cobalt (Co) and nickel (Ni) on cobalt (Co) are two common examples. This means that when a lot of iron is present, it becomes difficult for XRF to identify cobalt at low levels. Likewise, the presence of nickel also makes it difficult for XRF to ID cobalt. Unfortunately, cobalt is routinely explored for in the presence of significant amounts of iron and nickel. To solve this challenge, we developed a GeoChem method for Vanta™ pXRF analyzers that offers improved analysis for battery metals exploration by being able to detect cobalt in the presence of iron and nickel. This innovative method overcomes the interference that has historically made it very difficult for portable XRF analyzers to detect cobalt in the presence of these other elements. The method we developed for the Vanta analyzer is built on the current GeoChem method, but with a more sophisticated way of deconvoluting the iron/cobalt/nickel peaks. Before deploying this solution, we tested it on client samples to make sure that it produced good results. Test Results We analyzed 16 samples with high iron content—9% < Fe < 50%, 50 ≤ Co ≤ 6000 ppm, Ni < 500 ppm. We also analyzed 50 samples with a moderate amount of iron—0.5% < Fe < 15%, 16 < Ni < 8000 ppm, 50 ppm < Co < 2.3%. The samples were pulps in XRF cups, and they were analyzed using 60 seconds per beam with no corrections. The graphs below show excellent agreement between the results obtained from a lab and results obtained using a Vanta portable XRF analyzer, indicating that the modified GeoChem method can accurately detect the presence of cobalt when it’s in the presence of both large and moderate amounts of the interfering elements iron and nickel. Geologists now have another important tool that they can rely on when exploring for new sources of this vital element.  

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